Fantasizing Fantasies

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Fantasizing Fantasies

This word creates bubbles of the deepest possible, impossible desires in our mind. We live for our fantasies. It puts a jolly feeling in our minds and life. We often say or think that fantasy is for kids or for immature. Those who say they are realistic or practical and have no imaginations or fancy thoughts in their mind, I think that their fantasy level is higher than others! Because are fantasies mean only living in a fairy dreamland? Do we only fantasize about impossible things or building castles in the air? For me, our every thought and emotions have a fantasy part even though it’s a small part. Because we always think, we hope, we work for our dreams, we calculate possibilities of what is going to happen and we expect whether it’s a bad or good thing. That’s why I said even the most realistic people also fantasize. Well, you might be thinking of how that is even possible! But if you think deeply, then you’ll see that it is possible.

The moment we start to think, there begins fantasizing. Our hopes create fantasies. Whenever we cherish something that creates fantasies. Fantasizing ends when we get the desired thing or something positive or negative happens. Hopes and thoughts represent the prominent factors behind our fantasies. Since childhood, our fantasies have begun. That’s why it is said that fantasy is a children’s thing because that’s the main thing a child does! But whatever we do as a child that doesn’t go away just like that. Every small thing whether it’s a hope, dream, fear, strength, thoughts everything develops as we grow up. We always have a little corner in our mind or heart where those childhood fantasies remain. But when we grow up those things, affect us in a different way. That is how human lives. That is how humans are. Fantasies are connected with our emotions. It can affect us intensely. And most of the time when our fantasies break, we say now our feet are on the ground, here begins reality. But do we truly stop fantasizing when we become practical or realistic? Being practical or realistic means we accept how things are or judge things and situations on the basis of our own experiences or examples of others. Then we say,” Yeah this is what is going to happen because this is how things actually are”! But it is only our prediction. We don’t know what is actually going to happen. We say these because that is what typically takes place. But there’s a thing called “Probability. “It says there’s always a chance of occurring something which didn’t happen ever. Even though the chance might be 0.000001%! Only a few things are in the world, about which our predictions can be 100%! But those things can also change, you never know. Hence, my point over here is that there’s always the slightest possibility of happening something which is not usual. And when that happens, we get shocked. Because our predictions were somehow different. That means we hoped or thought of something else, and things happened in a different or opposite way. And as I said earlier our thoughts and hopes, create fantasies.

We all know practical or realistic people think the most. They always give their predictions or comments on everything. They consistently get to the conclusion of what is going to happen. They don’t leave any space for suspense or uncertainty. It means they hope for that or maybe you can say they are confident about that. But you can’t be 100% sure about anything as there’s always the slightest chance of happening something exactly the opposite. Which makes all their predictions and comments into a fantasy. Even if the event occurs exactly the same as how it was predicted, but that too is a fantasy right? Because we thought of that, we hoped for that. Then what is the difference between those realistic people and people who always fantasize? They also believe in happening things that they fantasize about. Though those can be impossible or the possibilities of happening those things might be 0.000001%. But it can happen, right? Actually, the thoughts of the practical peoples and the dreamers live in a parallel universe. If one thing happens, another won’t happen. But both of them think their fantasies will become real. Both of them are hopeful for their predictions. And every practical or realistic people even once in their life wants their predictions to become false. Because we are human. Sometimes we say harsh realities even though we don’t want that. We keep hoping that miracle of happening something different. And we can’t deny that. No matter how much practical we get we sometimes say things for the sake of our image in front of people but there’ always an instinct in us who wants things in a different way. Then why not call the practical one’s fantasizers?

Hopes and dreams are those things that can’t be separated from us, no matter how much we try, no matter how much we make ourselves strong, no matter how much we accept things how they are and suppress our desires. Our every action or reaction has an influence on those hidden desires. Maybe we can forget them temporarily, but they never forget us. That is why we humans have the strangest and complex natures of all the species of this universe. Even we can’t confidently say anything about our decisions and behaviors. Because our brain is the most complicated puzzle which we still couldn’t solve. That is why no one can deny about fantasizing because no one ever stopped to fantasize!


Fahmina Ahmed Papia
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka

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