Existence Of Women

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Existence Of Women

Why do you remain silent all the time?
Why do you not mingle with the people around you?
Don’t you fight for yourself?

Women are facing these type of questions day by day.
Would we give them chance to justify themselves or prove their ability?

I think,Women readers should think about these questions and try to find answers of these questions. From school to tertiary level, Women always remain behind men. Even they do not think seriously why they lag behind in front of our patriarchal society. Some  women are good at study, some women are good at sports and some women are good at writing, However, our family, our society, our country do not want educated women , they only want beautiful puppet whom they can utilize for their own well-being. If we look back into our history, We can explicitly see that women were being always judged by their external appearance not by their mental ability whether they were capable of or not. In the same way, Women those had extreme level of mental ability, had been always persecuted by society even if they had angle like beauty or not. They could not get appreciation for their works.  However, It is a matter of regret that, Today our women are also facing these type of detestable behavior from patriarchal society. This disrespecting thing should be changed as soon as possible by enforcing and encouraging our women. When a five or four year girl wants to become scientist, pilot or wants to choose explorative profession , She is being discouraged . It is very sorrowful to say that parents still do not consider female child equal to male child . They think that at their old age only male children will become their bread earner so male children need to study well. What about those little female children who also want to take responsibilities of their family or of their superiors?

I think, our problem is prevailed in our social structure  and for this reason our mind has also shackled. The authority concern should take measures such as prescribing “GENDER EQUALITY & SEXUAL INTERCOURSE” in secondary or higher secondary level education . This type of education enlightens our future generation and they can acquire a clear concept about gender equilibrium.  Consequently, our future generation will be able to respect women not only as a woman but also as a person . Furthermore, The boys should be taught at home not to differentiate girls from boys. It is notable that nowadays women are also performing well both in education and administrative sectors. Thus, if family, society and government give them chance to utilize their ability, They will bring a praiseworthy outcome for their country.

In addition, from the ancient time period in Bangladesh, women have a tremendous  fame in crafting conducts. They stitch beautiful and variegated designs on noksikatha and it reflects their struggling life. Therefore, Government should come forward to helping these needy women  not only in financially but also in mentally. Nowadays, Women are abused by their husband, in laws for dowry. Because of their dependency on their husband, They do not utter a single word and remain silent. It seems that the only way to avoid this situation is to become financially independent. Women can do jobs in banks, educational institutions and many other respective places. Nevertheless, sometimes they become victims of not getting suitable jobs because of their gender. However, this type of mentality should be dismissed from the employers.

In a nutshell, It can be argued that women should get appreciation and  respect according to their worth. Women should not be judged by their beauty but for their intellect.We should not say that, OW,Girl ,” You are looking pretty”, rather we  should say that Girl, “You have done commendable job!” From this day, we should change our mind about the place of our women in our society, family and everywhere .

The End 


Mariyam Akther Riya
Department of English
University of Dhaka

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