Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) Wing

"Students for Students"

With 30 Executive members in 2019 NSTU Wing had started their journey with SILSWA.The forming President was Jovan Ahmed Nayeem (Educational Administration) and General Secretary was Hasnat Nayim Pias (Bangladesh and Liberation War Study),students of this institution.The SILSWA NSTU Wing tries to provide subjective basic knowledge at Secondary & intermediate level. Various Department’s Students of NSTU share their educational experience and their pupils to success in admission war. We try to guide the Students by the Students. We always do our best to help the SSC, HSC level students and Admission candidates as much as we can in their Boards and Admission Test Exams in various ways.We sat up help desk,worked in fields, provided the candidates with accomodation facilities.Jovan Ahmed Nayeem and SM Mainul Haque are elected as President and General Secretary respectively this year.At present the Wing has 100+ executive members.NSTU wing tries heart and soul for doing better works for SILSWA.

NSTU Executive Committee

Jovan Ahmed Nayeem

Jovan Ahmed Nayeem


Jovan Ahmed Nayeem is currently an undergraduate student of Department of Educational Administration, University of Noakhali Science and Technology. He is serving & representing SILSWA NSTU Wing as President in the Executive Committee of 2020 – 21 and he was the founding President of SILSWA NSTU Wing in the Executive Commitee of 2019-20. Under his leadership SILSWA NSTU Wing is doing immense improvement & going forward.

Vice President

Nubaira Hafiz, Vice President of SILSWA NSTU WING. She has been worked as Editorials Head at the year of 2019. she worked sincerely with pure dedication for SILSWA & will work similarly in the future.

Nubaira Hafiz


S M Mainul Haque

General Secretary

S M Mainul Haque is serving SILSWA as General Secretary in Executive Comittee 2020-21 of NSTU SILSWA wing.He is a student of Environmental Science and Disaster Management department of that University. In Previous year, he served as Organizing Secretary


Ireena Azad is a student of Noakhali Science and Technology University(NSTU)studying in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.At present she is serving SILSWA as treasurer of NSTU Wing.Previous year, she was the Negotiation Head of that wing.

Ireena Azad


Tamim Ibne Mahbub

Organizing Secretary

Tamim Ibne Mahbub is a student of Noakhali Science and Technology University. He is working with SILSWA as a organizing secretary. He is well known in his university.He loves to work with SILSWA

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