Begum Rokeya University (BRUR) Wing

"Students for Students"

SILSWA BRUR wing started their journey at December 2019 with some volunteers to help the admission seekers. They did a great job during admission test. Its just the beginning.

BRUR Executive Committee

Mohsanat Ibni Aual

Mohsanat Ibni Aual


Mohsanat Ibni Aual is doing his undergraduate as a student of Management Studies Department at Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur. He is serving SILSWA BRUR wing as the President and as Office Secretary at Sanjiban BRUR wing. He is quite good at leadership and capable to work with everyone.

Vice President

Tonoy Chandra Shaha is a Present Student of Begum Rokeya University Rangpur , Faculty of Business Studies, Department of Management Studies. He is currently the Vice-president of BRUR SILSWA wing. He is one of the most dedicated souls of BRUR SILSWA wing. He has a great capability of leadership. Who has never failed to give his best. Tonoy Chandra Shaha Vice President of BRUR wing.
Tonoy Chandra Shaha

Tonoy Chandra Shaha

Sajed Jalal

Md. Fazle Rabbi

General Secretary

Md. Fazle Rabbi is currently the General Secretary in SILSWA CU wing. Also serving the wing as the Head of Graphics & IT. Rabbi is doing BSS in Development Studies at University of Chittagong. 


Mst.Mobashshira Mustari is currently an undergraduate student of 2018-19 session of Department of Finance and Banking, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur. She is serving SILSWA as Treasurer in the Executive Committee of 2020 – 21 of BRUR Wing. She is a great leader and has a great capability of working with everyone.
Mst. Mobashshira Mustari

Mst. Mobashshira Mustari

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