Secondary and Intermediate Level Students’ Welfare Association

"Students for Students"

Secondary and Intermediate Level Students’ Welfare Association – SILSWA is a non-profit organization. It is working with a purpose to establish a proactive student community in the universities and colleges across the country by helping the students overcome any sorts of personal, social, financial, psychological and academic hindrances. Besides, by providing them with effective live classes, video tutorials and arranging seminars, competitions and workshops for them. All of these being done by SILSWA, are undoubtedly unique and revolutionary works of recent times in the country. SILSWA doesn’t represent any coaching/publication center or any other private institution/business firm.

SILSWA was formed by the founders of the Facebook group named ‘Dream to Dhaka University’ which is a guideline based group for the college-going students of the country. The group was created in October, 2016. Seeing a huge response from the students, the project of SILSWA was taken on hand on May 2017. Now, the group has approximately 500,000 members and the official Facebook page has approximately 65,000 followers.

Apart from it’s online popularity, SILSWA has managed to expand it’s network offline also. Currently, SILSWA has 700 college ambassadors, responsible for helping carry out SILSWA’s activities by representing their respective colleges and deliver SILSWA’s messages there, from more than 300 colleges of different areas of Bangladesh. SILSWA is not only in the University of Dhaka but also it has four active wings in Rajshahi University, Chittagong University, Jagannath University and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University where around 200 more people are working as the executive members of SILSWA. Besides these, SILSWA runs 20+ active and giant groups in Facebook and most of the members of these groups are Higher-Secondary level students who has a lot of story to tell about their lives.

A Quick Overview of SILSWA

University wing
Faculty Members
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Active Members
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Board of Directors

Rifat Hasan is a former student of 2015-16 session of the Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka. He completed his graduation in 2019 and currently doing his MBA from the same department. At present, he is one of the board of directors in SILSWA. He has always been a great leader to the team. Currently he is serving as the General Secretary of Khanika Bus Committee.
Rifat Hasan
/ Founder & Former President, SILSWA​
Md. Wasif Azim is a student of 2016-17 session of the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka. Besides, he is a student of The Cost & Management Accounts of Bangladesh. He had been the president of SILSWA from last tenure. He is not only a great leader but also a great inspiration to the team. Currently, he is serving as the General Secretary of FBS Music Wing, DU & Head of Career & Corporate Affairs of University of Dhaka Accounting Forum.
Md. Wasif Azim
/ Co-Founder & Former President, SILSWA
Sajeeb Dutta is a student of 2016-17 session of Department of Finance, University of Dhaka. he has leaded as former General Secretary of SILSWA from last tenure. He is not only a great leader but also a great instructor & motivator Currently, he is serving as the Accounting instructor at Eduhive & also Instructor at Robi 10 minutes School and Head of Publication Wing at Knack Nation
Sajeeb Dutta
/ Co-Founder & Former General Secretary, SILSWA
Md. Abdullah is currently an undergraduate student of Department of History, University of Dhaka. He is serving SILSWA as President in the Executive Committee of 2020 - 21 and he was Head of HRM Team in the Executive Commitee of 2019-20. He has a great capability of leadership. Under his leadership SILSWA is doing immense improvement. He is a lifetime member of Board of Directors, SILSWA.
Md. Abdullah
/ President (2020/21) Tenure, SILSWA
Humaira Tasnim Adiba, a promising student of the Department of Political Science, University Of Dhaka. She has started her journey as an executive and currently serving SILSWA as Vice -president. Her journey from a group member to Vice- president holds a greater pleasure and well-being for the organisation. SILSWA wishes best for her bright future.
Humaira Tasnim Adiba
/ Vice President (2020/21) Tenure, SILSWA
Ismail Hossain is a present student of the department of political science, University of Dhaka. He is currently completing his graduation in this respective department. At present he is the General Secretary of central wing in SILSWA. He has been leading the team from the front and worked for team event management previously as a team head in 2019/20 tenure. He is a lifetime member of Board of Directors, SILSWA.
Ismail hossain Sazzad
/ General Secretary (2020/21) Tenure, SILSWA
Currently Fakrul Islam Kolpo is a undergraduate student of Department of accounting & Information Systems. University of Dhaka. at present he is serving as a treasurer of SILSWA central wing in the 2019-20 Executive committee. He also served as a Head of Team editorials in the previous committee.
Fakrul Islam Kolpo
/ Treasurer (2020/21) Tenure, SILSWA
Tafriha Aktar Arifa is a student of Department of Management, University of Dhaka. At present, she is the Organising Secretary of SILSWA Central wing. She had been leading the Public Relation team of SILSWA Central wing throughout the last tenure.
Tafriha Aktar Arifa
Organizing Secretary (2020/21) Tenure, SILSWA

Central Wing Executive Committee

Our Teams


A. M. Ganium Mahabub

Head of HRM

Human Resource Management

Team Human Resource Management maintains a healthy and safe work environment to ensure a level of comfort. This team also recruits, manages & evaluates the works of all the human resources of SILSWA.

Public Relations

Team Public Relations mainly connects the members within SILSWA and maintain the connection with the people who are related with SILSWA. It manages all the social networking sites, specially the official pages. It also administrates all the formal sessions and collects all detailed information for further purpose.


Tasfia Saba Anu

Head of PR


Md. Fazle Rabbi

Head of EM

Event Management

Team Event Management deals with the event related work of SILSWA.It includes making an event outline, implementation of that outline, work distribution during event & handling logistics.


Team Negotiations acts as a bridge between SILSWA & It’s outer world. Communication is the basis of this team. Besides, managing sponsors for the events, inviting guests are the major responsibility of this team. Building a harmonious relationship with other organisation, & representing SILSWA in front of others, Team Negotiations plays its’ vital role.


Md. Zahidul Islam Rakib

Head of Negotiations

inbound-31678857 - Arnob Silswa

Arnob Saha

Head of G & D

Graphics and Design

Graphics team is responsible for preparing all the visuals, videos and other graphical contents whenever necessary for the activities all sorts of communication. The contents include computer graphics, web page graphics, logos, illustrations, advertisements, brochures and many other forms of visual communication. Essential skills required: excellent creative and innovative skills, knowledge of interactive design, must be detail oriented and well organised, ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize different tasks

Information And Technology​

Team IT work for managing and maintaining the entire website. Designing & Developing is the best part of it. we also train junior designers, entry-level executives and associates. we follow the authentic techniques and processes to serve best quality of Web-service.


Sharul Islam Shafin

Head of IT


Nahyan Tarannum

Head of Editorials


Writing captions, prospectus, articles, scripts, other reading materials and composing letters for different purposes, plans or schedules, themes and thoughts are the basic work of Team Editorials.

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